Picture of the month - June 2020

Tree Tentacles

Tree Tentacles


Again a special picture, in some many ways.

First of all - it is again a tree. I usually try to avoid bringing the same kind of motif in consecutive months. But it is to show what it is all about photography ... the infinity.

If you compare this months image to the one from May you will understand what I mean:

Autumn Color Explosion Tree Tentacles

Iit is not just about portrait vs. landscape, color vs black & white, living leaves vs. winter defoliation ... it is the absolute divergence of the two images, it is all together. And - still it is both trees. Imagine what else this world has to show.

Secondly- it is one of the first images made with my new Canon EOS R. From point of shoots, film SLRs, digitial SLRs now to my first mirrorless system camera it nwas a long way, generations of technology.

By the way - what is finally the right abbreviation for that kind of camera? I am impressed about this ingenuity of confusion - I tend to use DSLM, and not CSC, MILV, EVIL or CSC, have fun looking all those up.

And the third is - the times of Corona in which we are all caught at the moment. The sadness of the overall situation shall not be what is reflected in the image, I am always a positive person. But is one of those images, which I could take despite the limitec urfews while wlaking the dog.

I hope you all stay healthy and will never loose the joy in photography - take care!


Tree Tentacles

There are so many pictures in this world - find some you like,

your Mr.Mooseman