Picture of the month - June 2022



It is tough to get up early, but the expectation and the out look for good images works for most photographers to crawl out of bed before it gets light.

A total lunar eclipse is one of the events which pushes adrenaline in a way your body accepts not only to get out of bed, but also grab your heavy gear and drive to a carefully selected location without coffee (generally an impossoble task because of latter)

The weather forecast suggested reasonable warm temperatures and a fair chance of a great view - but with a slight risk of clouds in the morning.

I checked the situation when I got up, and it looked great! The moon clearly visible, no clouds.

When I reached the location with a grand view over the Franconian landscape and the castle Jägersburg in the background I knew the effort will be worth it.

Equipment set up, and waiting for the time when the moon gets closer to the horizon, it should vanish just behind the castle. Some evidence images made, moon looks great.

I looked around if there might be any further motifs for the time after the eclipse when sun rises.

I looked back and the moon had vanished. Ok - there were already a few clouds here and there before, but why did they get just in front of the moon minutes before the image I had imagined was going to happen?

No chance. The moon didn't show up any more. So bad luck. Disappointment. Frustration. Lack of caffeine.

Not for long. When the sun came up, wonderful sky colors (almost) redressed the missed eclipse shots. And the next - at least partial - lunar eclipse will be in just a few months��



Make the best of it and have fun,

your Mr.Mooseman