Picture of the month - July 2002

Sun and water

The first question asked is usually
"A trick? Computer manipulated?". 
The answer is "Trick-yes, Computer-no"

After several tries with water and glue to artifically create a big water drop, I remembered I had seen a glass drop used for decoration in a handicraft shop some time ago. Happy, that I really found such a drop after some searching this picture came into being in a studio session (Sounds proffessionell, was actually just a temporary setup in a big room) in one afternoon.

The setup was rather simple:
A blue background cardboard, two 500 W daylight fotolamps I had borrowed, a new tap I bought just for this picture, a sunflower with cut-off stem, and some sticky mass usually used for sealing up cars - which I here alienated for putting tap and glass drop together. Oh - I forgot the Maglite I used for creating the golden reflection on the tap.

Using Kodak EBX100 (the amateur version of the VS100) to enhance color saturation as much as possible I used my Canon EOS50E with the Tokina ATX Pro 2,6-2,8/28-70 on a tripod with a remote control to take two rolls of film with several setups. On some pictures a Maglite was used additionally from half left for the shine on the tap, due to the warm light temperature compared to the daylight bulbs of the main light  it appears golden.

As a friend of highly saturated colors this pícture is one example of my tabletop section I use to play around with especially when weather is not promising enough to get out (or I am juts too lazy to pack my heavy photo backpack).

Two things I learnt when taking this picture: You don't always need a computer to surprise with a picture and I will never ever  buy photo lamps with normal bulbs if ever equipping my own "studio" - I seldomly sweated so much under the oven of two 500W lamps very close to the motif - and so did the sunflower which - although being cooled by a water sprayer  regularly - looked 50 years older after the pictures were taken. At least it is conserved forever in this picture :-)

Have fun with photography !