Picture of the month - July 2010

Limned - Gemalt


The word "Photography" originates from the Greek: φωτός, photos = light and  γράφειν, graphein = drawing. Photography means "Drawing with light".

When painting, you have the full freedom to choose colors, light, shadows, objects, landscape, sky, nature or anything else, which comes to your mind. In photography the range is smaller, still you can do so much more than just depicting the reality.

If I would have any skills in painting, I would surely paint. Without this capability I better continue using my camera, some easy manipulations can lead to painting-like images, such as shifting the camera during an extended exposure. For me it looks like a painting ...

And even more - this image shows that traditional manipulations in photography can as well generate appealing images - without using one of the numerous digital filters available today.

Paint with light,,
your Mr. Mooseman !