Picture of the month - July 2016

Fitness Emergency - Kondition tut Not

Fitness Emergency
Kondition tut Not


Sure. It is colorful. Full vibrance, a riot of colors. I love it.

Maybe a touch of additional saturation compared to the original scene, but not a manipulated image. Especially the texts written on and above the door are authentic.

If you are not familiar with German - the wording on the door translates to "fitness room", the one above the door means "emergency exit". I actually had a good laugh when I saw this in a gym, where my son played basketball. I was on the need for a restroom where I passed by the scenery.

In my professional life I am most of the time sitting at my desk or in meeting rooms. When carrying my full photo gear in a large Phototrekker backpack together with a sturdy tripod and ballhead during the vacation times, I sometimes get the feeling this image might get reality: Fitness training getting an emergency task :-)


Fitness Emergency - Kondition tut Not

Don't wait for an emergency with your fitness,

your Mr.Mooseman