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Tuscany Trike

Tuscany Trike


The are wonderful small villages in Tuscany, originals giving an impression of being unchanged for centuries.

Many people tend to only check for well-renowned ones from the travel guides, and visit by car and - when getting out for a walk - use the well-trodden path witzh highest touristic attention.

I join in for that, too, as also these parts of "prepared" culture and living space is part of the country visited. But don't stop there!

Go further, take the small paths maybe not looking that interesting int he beginning, but often tehy reveal another, more calm, more pristine parth of a towns history.

Not in all cases your family will agree to these extended tours, and sometimes you have to take them by your own.

Any sometimes - don't expect it for every try - you will find sights well worth the time and hardships going beyond the typical routes.



Tuscany Trike

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