Picture of the month - August 2004

Visitors - Besucher

Great Indian Rhinoceros  (Rhinoceros unicornis) Indisches Panzernashorn

It is not really clear - who is the visitors, who is the captive species displayed?

The picture originates from one of the numerous zoo and wildlife-park visits during 2001. The "Wilhelma" - the famous zoo in Stuttgart in Germany - accommodates these gigantic Indian Rhinoceroses, which appeal as ancient knights with their shields.

Usually my intention in those zoo visits is to enjoy the different species exhibited, take my time and ... some pictures - of the animals ! This special viewpoint offered another scene: The visitors on the other side of the enclosure looking enamoured to some Rhinoceros not visible in the picture, while a colleague of him seemed to stare in the families' direction.

Do you sometimes in similar situations try to imagine, what the animals might think in these moments about us looking into their "homes"? I definitely do, and I am not sure I want to know what it is ...


Have a good holiday time - and take enough rolls of film with you (or memory chips, if you prefer),
Your Mr. Mooseman !