Picture of the month - August 2006

Franconian Grassland
Fränkische Wiesenlandschaft

It is my homeland - The Franconian Switzerland as part of Franconia, which itself lies in the heart of bavaria in Germany.

Most of my pictures should be from here, but the fewest are. It's symptomatical - when you are in foreign countries during vacation trips, every sight is visited, every landscape and natural beauty eagerly absorbed - and the camera always ready. At home, working and having house and garden to keep in shape, the energy often is gone, or it 's too late already, or you need some more sleep or ....

Well, the nature is out there in front of my door, and Franconia ranks among on the most visited areas in Germany for it's nature and landscapes. 16 million overnight-stays in 2005 tell enough to understand it's strength in tourism. Many famous poets and romanticists have been inspired and have noted Franconia as an area of exceptional beauty. Johann Paul Friedrich Richter ("Jean Paul") wrote 1798: "Here the road runs from one paradise into another".

Franconia is well known for it's natural fruit orchards, which earmark vast territories for ages. Cherry and apples are the most common trees, and in spring the white blossom scatters over green meadows and fools the exposure meter of any camera with it's brightness. In this picture Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and Cukoo Flowers (Cardamine pratensis) add lilac and yellow spots to the mighty green in front. And that just a few meters from the road ...

For the photo enthusiast among yourselves - this was the first trip with a borrowed EOS30D, which - in the meantime - replaced by EOS20D. The resolution is the same, but some little features such as the 2,5 " display convinced the "state-of-the-art" part of my photographic heart. It was a good choice I do not regret ...


Home sweet home -
your Mr. Mooseman !