Picture of the month - August 2007


I still enjoy the walks through my favorite wildpark Hundshaupten close to where I live - for relaxation and photography. Mainly in springtime many animals give birth and offer new objects of delight (and photography) to the visitors. So coming over and over again never gets boring.

Finding the right point in time to visit the park is important, and getting the litter in place just at the point in time you are passing by is even more challenging, especially if the enclosures are large enough (which is important for the animals welfare of course and is luckily reality in most of the modern wildparks).

This bunch of young wild boars gave me a fair chance - they slept directly at the fence, didn't move too much for some time, didn't ly in direct sunlight and gave a brilliant motif for me and many others (you likely know the word's "how cute" by heart after staying for some time at the spot). Some nice shots directly from top down were possible easily by leaning a little bit over the fence.

So this time I didn't go for portraits, which is the most common photography in any kind of "unnatural" environment such as zoos and parks for me. Usually you don't find the right background to keep the impression of "wildlife" photography, sort of, if you go for more than one animal in a picture. In this case the compressed collection of all wild boars, additionally blending color-wise to the ground below them, was pure luck.


Take them all,
your Mr. Mooseman !