Picture of the month - August 2017

Passions on the Road

Passions on the Road


The eternal pleasure to photograph and create images beyond the pure process of presenting reality as seen - and a boy's childhood dreams of great sports cars.

How much better can it get when you manage to combine both? For example by taking your camera gear for a sunny evening ride with a Porsche convertible through the curvy roads of the Franconian Switzerland.

You might face the problem of not finding enough time spotting great sceneries in the landscapes are passing by too fast. Or just not wishing to stop for a photo break.

Well, for the latter a rather sluggish car in front of you might be of help - just take a break and white a little while for free roads (The area mentioned is great in relation to curves, hills and other fun-material for driving in a more sportive way. But it is also rather crowded during normal daylight times in many spots).

Taking such a break reveals interesting backgrounds for the admirable shapes of the car - and another motive sphere out of the eternal pool of image possibilities is getting opened.


Passions on the Road

Expand your subject sphere and enjoy,

your Mr.Mooseman