Picture of the month - August 2022

Light Guide

Light Guide

Yes - again. An image of my favorite lighthouse in West Jutland, Denmark. Just checked it: the 6th "picture of the month" showing "my" Nr.Lyngvig Fyr!

Every image is special, none like the other, and there are more to come - promised!

This is special for some reason: It is taken on eye-level from the gallery deck around the lantern room. Which is nothing special as the lighthouse is open for visitors.

But usually not at the time when the light is on! A new feature - The chance to visit in the evening on some specific days. Sunset and Lighthouse rise on the top of the tower.

An absolut amazing visit - it's getting dark, the light is switched on while the view to the horizone over the North Sea shows one of those amazing Northern light sunsets.

Natural light dims, blue hour starts and the bulb behind the Fresnel lens more and more takes over the brightness.

The fresnel lens focussing the light to guide ships out in the rough sea in former times gets an object of art, a warm, guiding and inviting light in the upcoming darkness.

The kind of feeling always hit me when I saw the lens beams from near or far away, but it was very special to be in touching distance the first time.


Light Guide

Sometimes you have to wait years to get your image - never give up,

your Mr.Mooseman