Picture of the month - September 2003

Topping Out Ceremony

Now - after three months of laziness - Mr.Mooseman comes back with such a stupid picture ?

I can't tell you how many drops of sweat, how many restless days and nights and how many tons of building rubble have passed by until this picture could be taken. It's sounds fancy - let's rebuild our house to get some more space (and probably there will even drop off a small studio for my photography ???). We didn't believe family, friends, colleagues or anyone when they told us how much can go wrong (and always goes wrong).

We didn't dread costs, effort, move house and privations (for a timeframe we believed at the starting time -beginning of the year- would be over in July already). We are still doing so, nothing came as it should, costs are still rising, sweat still running and we are still not moved back to our house. But there is light at the end of the tunnel - hopefully it's not just the headlights of a coming train :-)

This picture therefore represents more than just a picture of the month - it's a picture of the year, not from the photographic point of view though. I hope you don't mind, and don't resent me not placing new pictures into the web nor doing anything else for the time being - it's simply no time (the only pictures taken the recent months are by the way digital ones from the house reconstruction).

Anyhow - the picture shows the topping-out ceremony, which is very popular here - I'm not sure it's everywhere in the world the same?
A small tree is decorated with colourful ribbons and put on the newly errected truss and a carepenter is saying his slogan from the roof,  drinking two glasses of champagne with warping his glasses down to the ground - it shall give luck to the house and it's inhabitants. We hope so very much ...

On the left you can also see the work just before the ceremony - big parts of the truss have been put on the prepared house with a huge crane.


I will be back - promised - but it will still takes quite some work and time. When it's done I will update my web three floors higher up hopefully - in my small realm and studio.

Think about (re-)building a house very, very, very accurately first, 
Your Mr. Mooseman