Picture of the month - September 2004

Suns over trees - Sonnen über Bäumen


Two suns? Obviously an experiment - non-digital this time, what seems to get rare these days!

The base picture was taken in France close to Chateau de Rox in the Bretagne. Technical stuff was my EOS50E and the Tokina ATX Pro 28-70/2,6-2,8. The reddish colouring of the sunset was enhanced by a Cokin Sunset filter (and by the used film: Fuji Velvia 50, still the master of strong colours for those who like it). 

Coming to the real eye-catcher of this picture: The second sun, which was photographed at a solar eclipse some years ago. The credits for this part of the picture belong to my wife, as I couldn't make it that day because of my job-thanks Barbara.

Also visible: This cannot be a normal slide sandwich. It is actually a double exposure of two prints I made from the original slides (reproduced with an EF 100/2,8 Macro lens and tripod). Due to the black background of the solar eclipse' picture that area didn't add anything to the double exposure, but the "diamond ring" of the obscured sun did - lighting up the red colour of the second picture at those points only. Fascinating, how  artificial pictures can be created without any digital manipulation just with little tricks in normal analogue photography (supposed you can do double exposures with your camera)!


Keep on experimenting,
your Mr. Mooseman !