Picture of the month - September 2012

Fisherman's Strand


Resistance is futile - you will be assimilated into the collective of photographers.

My association when passing a stump during a walk with my dog might not open up for you - the same goes for the picture title chosen. Real "Trekkies" might be closer to it.

When I started reviewing the Star Trek Voyager episodes again some time ago, the stump revealed a strange similarity to the optical implant of the re-humaized Borg "Seven of Nine". Photoshop emphasized the ruptured parts of the sawn area by assimilating it's original colors into a silverish grey - just as the implants.

If you get suspicious about my mental health now, well - I am OK. Regard it as a kind of abstract art (and maybe consider watching one or another feature of the Voyager episodes soon) and wait for some "normal" pictures soon.

Fisherman's Strand

Assimilate this,
your Mr. Mooseman !