Picture of the month - September 2014

Bubble Red

Flag English Bubble Red

Bubble World - a series started a few years ago showcasing typically plants, fruits or blossoms from the regions visited.

The technique is simple and sometimes cumbersome at the same time. Some obstacles are illustrated in the picture of the month in December 2013. But experience pays off and results evolve quicker and easier. My small aquarium is always a travel companion during offsite vacations.

This month's image shows an old friend - one of my favorite plants: Rosa rugosa, the Rugosa rose. While the flower of the spiky scrub is already a jewel for intense photo pursuit, the fruit with the intense red color can keep me busy some more hours.

The rose hip is omnipresent at Denmarks North Sea coast line behind the dune belt of West Jutland. So it is not hard to find a perfect example usually just in front of the awesome summer houses we are used to stay in during so many vacations.

Experimenting with new ways of looking at things keeps a hobby and passion alive for a whole lifetime - you never ever run out of ideas if you just keep the mind open and always give it a try. And sometimes also follow a line if you enjoy a method, object or point of view you personally like - results will keep you happy! [Not always your family though, if the session took some more time than expected]


Bubble Red

Keep on trying and follow your favorites,
your Mr. Mooseman