Picture of the month - September 2016

Poppy Paintbox

Poppy Paintbox


Sure. I really love bright, strong, powerful, vibrant colors. Warm tones even more than cold ones.

Painting with light using my camera, not only depicting reality in a natural manner, is a big part of my passion for photography. To get more clear and concise: It is in this case not only painting with the camera, but also with the computer.

Maybe this part of my passion dervies from the fact, that I would enjoy (real) painting, but I do not possess any kind of a striking talent using a real brush. Alienating reality by means of camera and sometimes image processing enables producing results of my imagination I would completely fail with when trying on canvas with a brush.

This image is in fact two: It is an overlay of a focused image of a poppy field with a blurred one by moving the camera during an extended exposure. A little bit of finetuning and there is just a small fraction left of reality - but an explosion of colors and power. Not a Van Gogh or Monet, but better than anything I could have created with a brush.


Poppy Paintbox

Paint with your camera,

your Mr.Mooseman