Picture of the month - September 2017

Rapeseed Mail

Rapeseed Mail


How will the postman deliver to this postbox?

Happily I'd say. Of course there is a road behind the bright yellow rapeseed field he can use. But the perspective from below just made the lonesome postbox outstand in the homogenous rapeseed bloom.

As interesting as the black foreign matter is the color contrast between sky blue and flower yellow. There is no stronger contrast for me personally than that of these two complementary colors.

The image was taken in Jutland's West Coast in the course of a very special occasion - it was my one and only more-day trip together with a friend just focusing on photography (up to now).

An amazing experience not living in a constant bad conscience, as usually felt during family trips when always annoying the others because I can never stop looking for the right angle, giving it another try, waiting for the best light, searching for the filter, changing the lens....

Endless talks on camera gear, experiments, adjustments, post processing, objects and just jumping up during dinner because the sunset really gets promising ... enjoying all that with a really good friend invalidates the "lonesome photographer" image.


Rapeseed Mail

Enjoy the contrast,

your Mr.Mooseman