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In Memory of Lola

In Memory of Lola


I am sure, some of you reading this will not understand the emotional situation I am facing at the moment - it was just a dog, dude!

I am pretty sure everyone of you having lost a loyal animal companion, beastly friend and long-time family member know what it feels like - no matter it "just" was a pet.

We had to let go our Brittany Spaniel Lola with an age of more than 14 years just recently. She was part of us for more than 10 years after we got her from an animal shelter in the area.

She faithfully followed us whereever we went and joined all trips, holidays and daily life, she added a huge portion of happiness to our existence day by day.

I will desperately miss her, but know she will live forever in our memories.

May you now run freely along sandy beaches and find the mountains of food you always were looking for.



In Memory of Lola

In memory of the world's greatest Brittany Spaniel Lola,

your Mr.Mooseman