Picture of the month - September 2022

Lovrafjorden Residence

Lovrafjorden Residence

This cozy summer cottage in so iconic red-white painting on a small island in the Lovrafjorden is not an unknown motif.

I actually found it by chance when passing by (poor preparation for an ambitioned photographer), but it has many hits when checking the internet, and even Google Maps shows it.

Is it bad because it is so well known?

Maybe - if your are only heading for competition pictures. In the environment of international photo competitions new works are expected.

Judges in such competitions will recognize those common subjects, most likely having seen them so many times before - it will not be rated as if the same picture is seen the first time. Which is absolutely OK!

Luckily I do not only shoot for competitons, but mainly for my own fun, and therefore also "postcard motifs" such as this island get their chance in my portfolio ��

Can it get better than a country typical cottage on a small tiny island in the middle of the water, framed by trees, mountains and water in the background?

Maybe the sky could have been more picturesque, maybe sunset would have been better regarding light conditions.

But I travelled Norway for a few weeks to visit many locations, no time to stop by one just waiting some hours for the best light a missing so many other wonderful views. No regrets.


Lovrafjorden ResidenceLovrafjorden Residence

Don't worry on known motifs - if you like it - shoot it,

your Mr.Mooseman