Picture of the month - October 2011




Having a wonderful vacation in Scotland left behind for some weeks, memories are still fresh and inspiring. About 1000 images help keeping the vast amount of impressions alive. And me awake in the nights, until everything is sorted, structured and labeled to work for a reasonable chance to find them again later on. So it will keep me busy and you supplied with images for the upcoming months.

Some memories evoked yesterday when working on the Reindeer images from an awesome walk to the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd - the only Reindeer Herd in the UK (Reindeer range close after moose for me). Freely roaming in the awesome setting of the Cairngorm mountains the visit - starting from the great Reindeer Centre and Shop with a short drive and a beautiful walk up the hills - was an exceptional experience. The herd seemed to wait for us visitors. Likely the Reindeer food supply brought in large bags might have played a role. Getting really close - stroking and feeding utterly allowed - is amazing - not only for children, nature lovers and Reindeer fans.

Glacier - the pictured white Reindeer - was something very special - the last to arrive and always slightly apart from the rest - a calm lady with sedated manner. By that finally allowing for Fish-Eye images getting very close to the cuddlesome nose as in this image.

She passed away little after our visit age-related in her own heaven on earth in the mountains. She remains special in our memories.

Memories are everlasting,
your Mr. Mooseman !

The link to the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd web can be found in the link section