Picture of the month - October 2014

Hades or Elysium

Flag English Hades or Elysium

Is it a look into heaven's light or just the door to the underworld?

My choice was light - one of the first attempts to use long time exposures and several sources of light and lighting painting.

The environment of our vacation domicile in Provence was perfect - old walls, doors and windows in the middle of the garden (and a warm night making it more pleasant to work outside from hours).

The rest was try and error: Several stationary LEDlenser high power flashlights, a portable strobe, some artificial haze from dust thrown into the air, a photographer in motion and some more torches for selective light painting during an exposure time of 185 seconds..

Everything spiced with funny and provocative comments from friends and family and several runs until the result pleased. Not to forget the day after, when all the dust and dirt had to be cleaned up, which I had thrown into the air the night before ...


Hades or Elysium

"Photography", coming from the greek "phōtos"=light and "graphé"=drawing, finally is just "drawing with light",
your Mr. Mooseman