Picture of the month - October 2020

The starling crowd

The starling crowd


It is impossible to count the starlings in the endless waves, when they approach their nightly sleeping areas at the border of the fjord behind the reeds.

The spectacle is breathtaking.Against the lowering sun the amounts of birds builds a black, moving front contrasting the orange sky.

On the opposite direction looking to the fjord side where the waves are building amazing forms when lowering and finally settling on the ground, the starlings - provided a long telephoto lens being attached to the camera - show their beautiful strcutures and coloring when enlighted by the warm sunshine from the back.

This is the view you see on the picture, but with a shorter lens (60mm focal lenght in this image) the pure mass of birds can be guessed - the image shows only a section of the total.

Only drop of bitterness: Wet areas do not exclusively offer optimal conditions for birds, but also mosquitos. Nothing more to be said.

Nature is wonderful.


The starling crowd

Happy summer ending,

your Mr.Mooseman