Picture of the month - October 2021



Ah ... there it comes back, the shouting color image style of Mr.Mooseman.

I love it - still - one of my continuities in photography, and therefore a part of my true deeply rooted authenticity.

Sorry if it's too much for you, but this here is reality.

Roussillon - situated in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in France - offers a broad spectrum of ochres in it's pigment quarries - from yellow over orange tones, brown and red.

One of the quarries can be visited - the walk through teh Ochre Path is entertaining, messes up the clothing with pigments and overloads the eyes with shouting colors.

Some trees fight against rocks - and happily survice bringing in another part of the color wheel - greens.

Nature is amazing, isn't it?






Color it up,

your Mr.Mooseman