Picture of the month - November 2008

Falling from Sky, Vom Himmel fallen

  Out of the sky
Aus heiterem Himmel

The first new Italy picture from our 2008 vacation at Garda Lake - and not a typical one for the region as I supposed.

While sitting snugly at our caravan on a campsite in Lazise, Garda Lake, the engine noise of a sporting airplane crossing the beach area of the lake didn't bother us too much. But the stop of the noise at the peak of the rise alerted us. Luckily it was not what our first flash of thought was, but just a few skydivers bailing over the Garda lake - the airplane had only derated the engines during the dropping.

It took me too long time to react - jumping lazily off my seat, finding the photo backpack, getting the telelens mounted and ... nothing ... the skydiver had already left the field of sight. But as skydiving obviously had become a new attraction in the modern world of tourism hungry for sensations, it didn't take too long to get another sight of a new bunch of people seeking the thrill. The backlight hadn't changed yet, giving a light flooded vision of the parachutes. A blue sky added additional radiance to the yellow of the parachutes.

Life is full of surprises - I expected sunsets, lake panoramas, mountains, cosy cities to start the vacation photo season. The skydivers came all of a sudden - photographic opportunities appearing from nowwhere - or better literally : out of the sky ...

Anticipate the unexpected,
your Mr. Mooseman !