Picture of the month - November 2013

La Ciotat on fire

Flag English La Ciotat on fire

The outlook from the elevation of Chemin des Plaines Marines, where we were lucky enough to find our domicile in 2013, was amazing. Looking through trees and shrubs on the very first evening of our stay, the Mediterranean sea, La Ciotat harbor and the houses at the opposite hills were bathed in warm sunset light.

I was immediately on fire for the awesome region of Provence we had not seen for more than 15 years. As much as for the photography, which emerged once more from a rigor frequently induced by stress and daily duties in today's working life.

This is the first image for the newly opened Provence section in my web. More to come - but it takes it's time to run through more than 2000 pictures taken in the picturesque villages, outstanding nature and radiating light sceneries. And besides the pure number of pictures to be sorted out, optimized, tagged and archived and the time associated with that (pleasant) duty, the mentioned professional life takes its toll again ...


La Ciotat on fire

Let yourself be on fire,
your Mr. Mooseman