Picture of the month - November 2015

Norway's Colors

Norway's Colors

It took longer than expected to get the November Image ready for publishing. Main reason was a required update of my computer: The space bar of my image harddisk showed a red nearly as bright as that of the boat on the image.

A total of more than 4000 images taken with a 20MPixel SLR camera took their toll and I had to invest in new hardware. That is the other side of the coin: Digital photography is full of opportunties - but the shutter sound clicks ways more frequent. I would likely never have spent more than 110 rolls of 35mm film during one vacation.

But it's done - well not really. That is one of the first images finally getting ready out of the crop. Some more weeks to go in order to finalize the pre-sorting, sorting, selecting, attributing and archiving. But it's fun - it's like experiencing the three weeks of Norway a second time.

So stay tuned - this postcard-like, stereotypical image of Norway is the first one, more to come.


Square-Cut  -  Eckig

Color forever,
Mr. Mooseman