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Five Antiquities

Five Antiquities


Wales is full of ancient walls - many left in ruins, others remaining in good or perfect condition. Something positive about it: Independant of the condition most sites can be visited - castles, abbeys, cathedrals, churches, palaces ... lots of stones for the interested visitor.

Besides the beautiful churches, of which many tiny ones out in the country are open for public at all times - I am personally more fond of climbing inside and about old walls of castles and such. Small stairways up to an old tower, where no more roof tops the end. Small aisles, where the photo backpack touches the walls and doorways while exploring. Well-worn steps with the risk of slipping off. A dark and mysterious vaulted cellar. Just wonderful.

St Davids - Tyddewi in Welsh language - is situated in the West of Pembrokeshire at the St. Brides Bay. The 1800 people town is the smallest city in the United Kingdom, owing it's title to the existance of it's St Davids Cathedral - the building in front the triple pack sitting on the park bench.

The Cathedral is well maintained in fact and worth a visit. As said beforehand, for me the more interesting part was the St Davids Bishop's Palace back on the left side in close vicinity to the cathedral, which I dealt with a multiple of times compared to the cathedral.

"And the tile?" you may ask. Well, the three sitting on the bench might well be added to the antiquities on the image. No offence ! :-)

The image was finalized in the manner of my "in Art" line by manually and selectively altering contrast, saturation and sharpness in a multi-layer process.


Five Antiquities

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