Picture of the month - November 2020

The mysterious drawers

The mysterious drawers


Lost Place Photography, Urban Exploring or UrbEx - Synonyms for a growing number of people intrigued by the beauty of disrepair.

I join the scene, captivated by the thoughts entering my mind when visiting those places - abandoned, given up, but with vast amounts of history to tell.

I do not join the unauthorized access stipulation many people connect to Lost Places. I am more the boring type not calling for the thrill to take images with the need of danger and illegality.

When really trying to get most out of a visit, assimilating the vibrations of the place telling stories - and to take some images calmly and deliberate - I enjoy knowing, that I a do not have to escape the next moment or a tapping on the shoulder by a policeman might interrupt the endeavors.

I do not judge about anybody putting more focus on the thrill part - which I can understand - but I love to concentrate on the experience.

And - it gives some more time for experiments - something I enjoy doing beyond the well-trodden paths of lost place images as known (although still being fascinating).


The mysterious drawers

Happy Halloween,

your Mr.Mooseman