Picture of the month - December 2011

No Dolphins

  No Dolphins


Everything appeared to run perfect this day. Our target was a boat company in Inverness which we had found earlier advertising dolphin tours on the Inner Moray Firth. Starting with a good breakfast the trip to Inverness didn't give any cause for complaints. Not even a hint of the anticipated fear of the boat trip itself at any of the children - only excitement to see dolphins in wildlife. Weather was reasonably OK so not risk of sea sickness or sodden camera gear.

In Inverness it took us several laps back and forth the harbor area and some inquiries to locals to realize that the company we were looking for did no longer exist.

So we went back to Inverness city to find a tourist office hoping to find another service. We got a flyer promising another company, which I called up. The voice on the other side told me the boat owner was possibly available via mobile phone. And yes - Eric answered the phone and restored our hope - his service was operating, he was actually on a trip and it would take some time before the next to start.

We booked - some more hours to wait didn't matter after running all the quest before. We finally found the quay, and Eric was there. Afternoons are sometimes less fortunate for spotting dolphins he told us - kind, open and honest. We were sure, there will be vast amounts of dolphins  - we finally had managed every struggle and made it on the boat - we deserve dolphins now..

No dolphins. Slightly disappointed ourselves we expected critical reactions from our boys. A critical age - 6 and 7 years of age. Lots of rebellion, stubborn as mules. But Eric saved the situation - they were allowed to get skippers on their own - one after the other entered the small cabin and occupied the steering wheel. The path went seesaw. The children were happy and proud.

And there is so more to see and photography than just dolphins ... no dolphins, (but also) no cry ...

Don't forget to count your blessings,
your Mr. Mooseman !