Picture of the month - December 2013

Extra Vergine

Flag English Extra Vergine

What started with artichoke images in Brittany emerged to an integral part of my vacational photography: The Bubble World series.

The basic idea is simple:
Immersing (natural) objects, which are characteristic for the respective country, in mineral water to get them covered with vast amounts of smaller or larger bubbles.
One of the archetypical object for Provence were olives on an olive branch, found at the premises of our holiday home.
Fix the olive branch by means of clamps, sticky tape or other available stuff from the surroundings in the position you would like it.
Use one or more flashes - usually decoupled from the camera - from different angles to create an exiting light atmosphere. Try different setups to find your favorite.
Fix the olive branch again after it has emerged, driven by the bubble cover, which gives an excessive buoyancy.
Chose a background.
Fix the olive branch one more time with more clamps and other material.
Get your camera ready with wireless or cable switch to avoid shaking.
Fix the olive branch another time, if available using bigger clamps and larger stuff in your reach.
Reposition your camera and flashes after they have been de-arranged by you or falling clamps and other fixation material used before.
Start all over, as the mineral water lost all it's gas and therefore also the bubbles left the olive branch. This includes getting another branch, as the first one lost olives and leaves with all the fixing attempts.
Explain to your family and neighbours, why you screamed for almost 30 minutes. Find a therapist. Relax for a day and calm down.
A new and bright day - EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!
Get rocks, chairs, really heavy clamps, your wife, tape, glue, welding set, cable ties and other useful means of fixation.
Get to the closest supermarket to refill your supply of mineral water, as you used the last two bottles yesterday for refreshment.
Get your setup re-established and enjoy the coming hours of bubble photography.
Take another week of vacation to select, optimize and archive the vast amount of images you have taken. Be proud of the image yield.
Take another holiday (actually the poor rest you have forthis year) to crop one single image from the harvest to place it as picture of the month.


Extra Vergine

Let the bubbles out (and the photo maniac in yourself, ignoring the pitiful smiles of your environment),
your Mr. Mooseman