Picture of the month - December 2016

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel


Christmas is coming closer - too fast in some ways. Who needs chocolate santas in October? Commerce is in the foreground of these changes compared to the Christmas of my childhood.

However it is the calm time, the time of family and friends. As long as one keeps that in mind it is again going to be a wonderful time.

I am not quite sure, if our Breton Spaniel Lola believed in the spirit of Christmas when we performed this shooting. One might not consider here being happy when looking into her eyes.

But be assured, that she was happy again afterwards - receiving some snacks after the studio stress was over. And she always shows the big brown eyes like this - telling what a pity and unfortunate dog she is. Also without photo sessions she has a good chance receiving some treats ...


Christmas Angel

Merry Christmas,

your Mr.Mooseman