Picture of the month - December 2017

Into the Marshland

Into the Marshland


As one could walk into infinity ... the boardwalks in Swedish bogs can seems endless when you are more used to dense landscapes as in my home area.

Hiking the marshlands such as the 2900 ha large Dumme Mosse is made easy - boardwalks cross the moist areas and you can roam without wet feet.

Diversified landscapes including large free bog areas, more or less dense coniferous forests, birch clusters or forest lakes can be easily reached. Tamed nature ... a perfect family excursion in fact, camera not to be missed.

I love that kind of nature. The vastness creates a feeling of freedom (of course vacation helps, too). And to be honest - I can enjoy nature also without getting wet feet and following predefined paths ...

One thing we have forgotten this time: The picnic basket. Many seating areas invite for a break in the middle of nature ...




Into the Marshland

Always perfect hiking,

your Mr.Mooseman