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Rocamadour tree glance

Rocamadour tree glance


Rocamadour is one of the village beauties to be visited in the Perigord region in France.

After visiitng the medieval location with it's historical monuments, the most important being the sanctuary "Blessed Virgin Mary" atracting pilgrims from many countries since the 12th centuty, we took a road leading to the Alzou valley below.

The view upwards to Rocamadour being built in steps into the rock, framed by the tree from the left, showed the full beauty of the site, better than only enjoying single items of interest being inside the town. The lowest level is the main medieval village. On medium level are the seven churches of the pilgrimage place. On the top the 14th century built castle is located.

The name is set up from from two parts: "Roc" meaning rock and Amadour, which is related to the holy Saint Amadour, being told the eremite who founded the ancient sanctuary.



Rocamadour tree glance

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