Picture of the month - December 2019

Christmas Wonderworld

Christmas Wonderworld


The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is the kind of culture I really enjoy. A variety of exhibitions, technology of all ages - my little engineering & nerd heart was beating faster.

The lucky thing was - when we took a business trip in late November and beginning of December - that an exhibition showing up Christmas trees from all over the world was set up. Would I say, that the German one was exactly what my personal view of a German Xmas tree was - well, not really. But kind of.

Besides a broad variety of national Christmas trees spread in the museums center, a huge one was built just in the middle of all - spanning all the floors of the museum in height.

Well, all those Xmas exhibits manage even in the busiest worktime to create considerable festive feelings. The right mood freeing up the mind for photography.

The image shown comprises both "historic" manipulation techniques (zooming with estended exposure time) as well as some artwork at the computer.

I hope it can transport a few Christmas emotions also to you!


Christmas Wonderworld

Merry Xmas,

your Mr.Mooseman