Picture of the month - July 2014

Prevailing peace

Flag English Prevailing peace

Innumerabel visits at the West Jutlands North Sea in Denmark boosted vast amounts of photographic opportunties I substantially used. This picture is anyhow special.

It is an image full of symbols, more than just another picture of Holmland Klits coastline I have taken.

The area has seen terrible times during world war II, the bunkers in the water could tell stories. But they are continously eliminated by the forces of nature, engulfed into sand and sea by wind and waves.

Seagulls - symbols of freedom - fly high in the sky, which seems to guide them with heavenly rays of light defeating the clouds. A strong emblematic content, if you allow "feeling" into it.

Although the thundering waters of the North Sea create an impressive soundscape, peace returns to me when I climb the dune line and finally see the waves and smell the salt in the omnipresent wind. Those who follow my web and those who are close to me know, that this area means a lot to me -. and is one of the best places to find back to oneself.

Prevailing peace

Find your peace,
your Mr. Mooseman