Aquitaine - A Few Words ...


Bon jour, Perigord !

Perigord - the ancient name of a region almost covering today's departement Dordogne - is an area with less tourism compared to the French locations at the sea.

We stayed in a amazingly cozy, old stone house in the middle of nowhere - far away from noise, stress and hectic (some local cows attributing to the rural athmosphere with loud mooing though).

Although being in a small hamlet with just a couple of houses, we were lucky to have an own pool during the hot summer in 2018.

The region itself offers a broad range of attractions to visit in close vicinity (so short trips through beautiful landscapes and small towns using really tiny roads if you like):
Small villages with a unique character of remaining in earlier days, castles, stone houses, ancient settlements, walnut groves, caves, churches and chappels.

Just one location was in slightly larger distance: The Padirac Caves (Gouffre de Padirac) - it was worth the drive ...

If you are looking for culinary attractions: A wide range of delicious food including excellent cheese, truffels and wines is waiting for you - the French people know how to enjoy.

Link to the "Image-inations" post: Pictures from the 2018 visit


Aquitaine Departements

Aquitaine is a region in South-Western France. It splits up in five départements as shown in the map on the left:
Gironde, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Dordogne .

Our trip to the small hamlet La Faurie close to Meyrals brought us into the département Dordogne.

Périgord is an ancient county roughly equalling today's Dordogne areal - the name is still used for the region.
Périgord again splits up into four parts:

Périgord Vert (Green Périgord)
Périgord Blanc (White Périgord)
Périgord Pourpre (Purple Périgord) and
Périgord Noir (Black Périgord), latter with it's "capitol" Sarlat close to Meyrals being the region our summerhouse was located in.


The following map shows some of our stations and places of interest during our 2018 visit. Almost all locations were in the Dordogne region, only the caves of Gouffre de Padirace were situated in the region of Midi-Pyrénées.
Towns are in red, locations in yellow.




Au revoir, Perigord