Denmark / Dänemark

Denmark - A Few Words ...

Checking the map to the left you will find a town called "Søndervig" at the West coast at the North Sea - this is where my second hometown is located. Søndervig, at the Northern end of the Ringkøbing Fjord, not far away from the town with the same name.

It is where my parents used to spend most of their Danish vacations together with me when I was young. And Denmark was by far the most frequent choice for vacation these days.

It opened my love to the Northern and Scandinavian countries, it is where I have highest probability to find rest in one of those cozy summerhouses as found to thousands. Each one (especially the old ones) different from the other, many still with thatched roofs and made of wood. This uniqueness, combined with kilometers of beach where you don't find a single roofed wicker beach chair and just few other persons sometimes, builds the center of a my friendship to the country. And the warmhearted Danes, who have found a relaxed way - the right way - of living.

Some might say it is too cold for spending a summer vacation, and the rain probability too high. The country is too expensive and too flat, not spectaculous. Well, the facts are there. So there must be more attracting such a lot of tourists every year. Maybe the small cafe's, the fresh fish, the salty air, long beach walks, where you hardly get the feeling of a touristic environment, the relaxed and friendly Danes could give some reason?

Well, I believe so. It is not that fascinating nature than countries such as Canada or Scotland have. It is not the big bang events such as seeing the first bear not 100 meters from you. It is just the other way round: It is the rough sea shore with it's waves and wind and dunes, which help you finding yourself when having a long beach walk, after which you just feel more free than before (and just long for a warm open fire). 

Collecting stones and starfishes (dead ones of course, the others get a second chance) on the beach for hours doesn't sound like my nature of always being on the run, searching for new attractions and challenges. It is about finding rest ....