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GENERAL INFORMATION The Official Denmark Website Meet the kids - Denmark information for children Official Guide to West Jutland Consider Denmark offers a free combination of videos about the country Genialer Dänemark Blog mit Sprach-Podcasts und vielen Infos und Tipps mit fröhlicher Aufmachung - eine Seite mit echter Hygge
Flag German Küstenkids - der Blog von Katia, der Küstenmami (Autorin des Buches "Fettnäpchenführer Dänemark", siehe Dänemark Buchsektion) - mit zahlreichen Dänemark Blogeinträgen Fair Reisen, gute Manieren, Natur und Kultur lieben und respektieren - wichtige Werte für Skandinavien und einen Blick wert.


SIGHTS & LOCATIONS An awesome experience for the whole family - a theme park for real fun high up in the trees and other attractions on floor level - highly recommended based on own experience! Søndervig Homepage
NEW !!! Ringkøbing Handelsforening - nur dänisch, Aktivitäten, Shops, Sehenswürdigkeiten... Hvide Sande Homepage Bovbjerg Fyr Lighthouse - a highlight with associated café and art exhibition. An awesome natural environment invites for a walk, e.g. from Trans along the coast line. Levende Historie (Living History) is a summary site of 14 museums around the Ringkøbing Fjord run by Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum. Defnitely worth a visit if you are in the region! Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet - fishery & martitime museum with indoor and outdoor aquaria and exhibitions about the sea, it's inhabitors and men - an experience for the whole family A fascinating story of the world's largest wind power plant - founded, designed and built by teachers and students of an alternative Danish school center as a pioneer for clean energy
Flag GermanFlag EnglishFlag Denmark Jernkysten - the iron coast - received it's name because of the many broken apart ships along the Northsea-coastline of West Jutland. The webpage (as well as the also available book) gives a great impression on those hard times, the rescue efforts and the lighthouses built to avoid further shipwrecks.


SHOPPING & ART Design articles& wonderful candles of all kinds - Kloster Design is a real highlight you should visit - including do-it-yourself candle making and an awesome café with Bo Bendixen shop!
Willer Keramik & Keramikkens Hus Wonderful pottery artwork, selected Haitian paintings and other virtu in two locations
At Willer Keramik delicious cake and coffee are offered ! Der Nordland-Shop bietet alles für den Skandinavien (und Elch-) Fan - von Kunst über Schmuck, Bücher, Weihnachtsartikel bis zur Feinkost
  Michael Lund's graphical art Michael Lund is a hobby artists on professional level, creating graphical art with a focus on nordic and danish motifs, West Jutland is well represented! Take a look



Elite Sommerhusudlejning in Søndervig - Local summer houses rental with an absolute recommendation - our local renter of choice with perfect and personal service. Thomas and his team will for sure give you a warm welcome and ensure a wonderful stay.
Elite merged with the well established Esmarch in 2015 - so the summerhouse choice increased essentially! The Elite and Esmarch office in Søndervig is now in Lodbjergsvej 18. Charly's Café in Kloster is an excellent spot for food and art shopping: Try the homemade apple cake with cream or the cup of Real chocolate. Don't forget to check the unique Danish art of Bo Bendixen which can be taken home on cups, T-shirts and postcards. Or the metal art animals by Australian artist Aaron Jackson created from old oil barrels - and enjoy some of the typical Danish sweets! A perfect spot for enjoying ice cream of all kinds in handmade ice cream cones, a cup of coffee or a quality snack such as the traditional Danish Hot Dogs, some French fries or a sandwich. Located directly in the heart of Ringkøbing at the market square.
Flag EnglishFlag Denmark The only Danish Whisky Distillery producing excellent Single Malt and Rye Whisky purely from Danish ingredients. Guided tours with tasting are offered!
Flag GermanFlag EnglishFlag Denmark Excellent Campsite close to the sea, offering cosy luxury cabins as well Sandgaarden Restaurant and Café in Søndervig is a wonderful location to enjoy awesome food, good wines - or just a good cup of Cappuccino. A wonderful ambiance close to the North Sea with opportunities to sit outside as well - and high quality gourmet food, which is not so easy to find in the area, are worth a visit - or more. Tina and Lars will welcome you! Local, traditional high-quality bakeries situated in Hvide Sande (twice - also at the harbor), Søndervig (also providing a small mingolf area) and Ringkøbing. Also try the ice cream!
It is always the initiation of our holidays to start with a breakfast at Ejvinds Søndervig since they startet in 2008. If you are hungry in the area of Hvide Sande - look out for Steff's Place - Café Gaflen - you will find great food from Hot Dogs, home-made burgers with organical meat from the Gårdbutik in Houvig, Fish'n'Chips and other fresh fish dishes and great ice-cream. Enjoy!

Looking for an excellent fish dish which you can even combine as you like? Besides normal dishes, smoked fish or fresh fish for home cooking, you can select a variety of fish meals and combine them to your personal buffet! A wonderful view on the Ringkøbing harbor adds the perfect environment for enjoying!

Dänische Nationalparks - offizielle Seite
Danish Nationalparks - official website