France - A Few Words ...

Bon Jour!

Being a French teacher, my wife certainly shows a high level of affinity to the country of France.

Lucky for me, as I do not speak more than 3-4 words of French, and to travel the country with English (or German) is by far not that easy and convenient than having your personal translator by your side.

Our or my trips covered up to now the following areas:

Paris Several trips starting 1986 (unfortunately mainly in the time where I didn't practise photography that much). One of my favorite cities worldwide with a unique atmosphere. Latest short-break visit in June 2011, where I first time really "photographed" the metropole.
Provence A phantastic region we visited first time in 1997, pretty hot, many attarctions and historic buildings/sites. The second trip followed in 2013 - Provence has an own section
Bretagne / Brittany A more rough area of France with a beautiful coastline, forests and landscape, visited during 1999 and 2010 - Brittany has an own section
Strassbourg A short city trip into a cosy city with lots of water,  half-timbered buildings and European ambiance

An initial summer trip in 2018 showed the beauty of the region visited: Perigord as part of the Dordogne - a little bit aside the main tourism and inside the country without access to the sea - Aquitaine has an own section
Link to the "Imagine-inations" post: Aquitaine / Perigord Images of 2018