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Franconia DreamArt:

A selection of Franconian images featuring also Forchheim - my home town. The pictures carry a very personal interpretation - a dreamy, calming and fabulous message.
The rest is technology transporting the impression into the final image - many call it digital image manipulation, I would rather name it transformation.

It's not depicting photography, it's more emotional embodiment. And I am sure many won't like it - let me know if you don't - but I would also enjoy hearing if you did ... let me know your perception!



Jägersburg Outlook - DreamArt

Jägersburg Outlook

Forchheim, Franconia, Germany


Überbleibsel - DreamArt


Forchheim, Franconia, Germany


Chapel of Our Lady - DreamArt

Chapel of Our Lady

Forchheim, Franconia, Germany



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