Ireland - A Few Words ...



Fáilte go hÉireann
Welcome to Ireland !

An issue really taken honestly in Ireland. 

When you want to describe the connection to the people of Ireland, you can't express it better than with the Irish saying

"A foreigner is a friend 
you haven't met yet."

It's inhabitants, often called "Paddy", derived from the holy St.Patrick, are throughout extraordinarily friendly.

We had the luck to travel Ireland during our holidays in 2005 - a trip of nearly 3 weeks all around Irelands coastline - both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Although an Irish saying states "This year's summer was on a Monday"  we were very lucky and had mostly cloudy, but dry weather - against all warnings we got from experienced Ireland travellers.

The exciting coastline with vast amounts of cliffs, the spectacular natural sights such as the Burren, the South-Western rings, Giant's causeway and the more lonesome areas of Connemara and Wicklow Mountains gave us more natural beauty than expected. 

Mayor goal was nature, but also heritage, shopping (my wife was with me of course), Guinness and Irish whiskey. 1500 pictures are waiting to be sifted and sorted, a travellers diary (German though) needs to be completed and pictures added. 

So a 3-weeks-trip will keep me busy for some more months to come. Subsequently pictures and web will be completed - please have some patience.

Dia dhuit - God be with you !