Norway - A Few Words ...


Heisann Norge !

It took us ten years of planning to finally find our way to another Scandinavian highlight - The kingdom of Norway !!

As expected the trip was more expensive than to oher countries we had visited.
A big portion had to be spent for the camper - maybe the only reasonable way of transportation when your intention is to travel around. It's great - and due to the nordic "allemannsretten" you can stay over night almost anywhere - guaranteed since 1957.

It's an amazing experience to enjoy a sunset when directly looking to the coast line or a sea through your camper's windscreen. Why not stay on a fjell - a high plain with pretty cold temperatures and rests of snow even in midsummer - watching the endless, barren and treeless area around while turning on the gas heating.


Norway is a country full of nature - due to it's tremendous differences in altitudes when driving from sea level up to the mountains and fjells - landscapes and flora change rapidly and constantly. Vast amounts of water at the coastline, fjords, rivers and seas, snow at the higher levels, forests, wastes - no space for boredom. Every kilometer can bring another natural experience. And luckily it's is not fragmented as many of the other, often densely populated European countries. A kingdom for photographers!

Travelling Norway is easy when speaking some English. Very friendly people, no problem shopping foodstuff - small supermarkets are found everywhere with reasonable prices. Anyhow I would recommend to bring lots of durable food with you when coming by camper - it will save lots of money you may want to spend in tasty variants of Hot Dogs, which can be found on almost any filling stations around :-)

When travelling the coastal regions by car or camper you can choose between the use of ferries or long detours around the rugged incisions of the fjords. Some jumps can be done via long bridges in the meantime. Many - partially very long - tunnels complement the endeavor to ease travelling. A few of the tunnels are spectacular constructions within the mountains - including crossings, roundabouts, spirals and more.


Map showing the provinces (called Fylkes) of the Southern parts we visited.

We spent 3 weeks in Norway summing up to 5337 km - if you want to really experience the regions and enjoy your trip, don't try to cover the whole country up to th NorthCap. It takes it's time with the small roads, up and downs from sea level to the mountains.

Deceleration will lead to a more awe-inspiring experience!


Map Tuscany - Regions


På gjensyn, Norge