Tuscany - A Few Words ...


Ciao Toscana !

Falling in love with Tuscany is easier than expected. 23.000 km² offer six world heritage sites just showcasing uncountable attractions of art, nature and history.

Georgeous land- and seascapes can be found anywhere. The typical postcards with gentle rolling hills, pine and cypress trees and scattered old farmhouses only illustrate a small portion of the countries variety of delighting countryside motifs. The mildness of the climate can be guessed when looking at the omnipresent vineyards, olive groves and spacious sunflower fields. The related products are of high quality and should always find their way into your shopping basket.

Tuscany is a real experience, which can not be lived up to at a hotel beach. Walk in the steps of Leonarda da Vinci or Galileo - get an explorer when travelling around. Experience the towns rich of culture and heritage as well as idyllic small villages - many established on the hill tops of the vast landscapes. We were captivated by the ancient narrow streets and medieval town squares.

Or get an introduction into Tuscan "cowboy" culture - the Butteri. As the story tells, they have proven to be far more skilled than Buffalo Bill and his team when those had visited Rome in 1890 for a show :-)

The essentials of Tuscany cannot be told in these few lines, the feelings cannot be transported verbally. Experience yourself and get charmed as you travel the it will charm you when visiting the places and areas yourself.

In 2014 we visited Tuscany the first time. We found a wonderful home in a small mountain village in the region of Grossetto - the most Southern region in Tuscany.

Situated on the mainland about 25km from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Roccatederighi offers at an altitude of 535m a brilliant view towards the lowlands and up to the Island of Elba (Isola d'Elba) on clear days. With a population of around 800 people it offers a good portion of solitude and coziness.

Our summer cottage was a typical stone house from 1858 with an enormous estate including olive groves, a large swimming pool and characteristic flora - including cypresses and pines - it can't get better (I will add a link to the leasing company).

Despite it's remoteness, Roccatederighi is located in vicinity to many of the large cities, the coastlines and great nature - it was a good choice in fact.

Map Tuscany - Regions Map showing the ten provinces of Tuscany, which itself is a region within Central Italy.


Arrivederci, Toscana