United States of America / USA

United States of America - A Few Words ...


USA is going to be a small section in this web. Actually - besides a small sidetrip to Alaska during our Canada trip - I visited the states only a few times in the range of business travels.

Whoever knows more than the superficial prejudices of non- or rare-business-travellers is aware of the few chances of getting out during a business trip for serious photography.

In most times I did not even have a camera at hand.

Let's see if there might be better chances to get into the country. While many people run for the big attractions, which America has to offer for sure, I would tend more towards the North. Alaska, Maine ... where the moose are :-)

So finally - different than in most other sections in this web - you'll find the map known from the moose section here as well and a absolutely limited range of images - only a few Chicago ones actually.


Take care,
Your Mr. Mooseman