Moose Links

  All About Moose
From its topic-specific icons to its exhausive research this German site has everything you need to know about moose.


Pika Works
This site about Pika, small mammals that are surely friends of moose, has delightful moose art in the form of greeting cards and prints plus stories and photos of moose. Be sure to click on the story of the "Mansfield Moose Family."


Alces, a Journal Devoted to The Biology and Management of Moose, contains scientific reports from moose biologists.

Alaska's Kenai Moose Research Center
A world leader in moose science.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
With a mission to " provide care for injured and orphaned wildlife and to provide continued wildlife awareness and education to the public," the Conservation Center cares for injured moose and other animals. It's in Portage Glacier, Alaska.

Living in Harmony with Moose
Living in Harmony with Moose is a project of the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust in Homer, Alaska, designed to help people co-exist with moose. This very complete Web resource covers moose from appreciation ("Watchable Moose") to science ("What Moose Need, What Moose Eat" and more).

Maine Wildlife Park
One of the few places in the United States to view moose in captivity and the moose area is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Part of the Eduscapes life-long-learning site, these pages focus on natural areas of the world. The section on moose provides great information and photos and has a special page tailored for kids.

One-page overview about moose from Hew Hampshire Public Television.


Lloyd Photography
This is the Web site of Mooseworld contributor Doug Lloyd, who has more contributions to the Mooseworld home page archives than any other photographer.

Trails of Anchorage
The Wildlife Album of this site about—what else?—the trails of Anchorage has some unique photos of moose.


Halifax Mooseheads
Professional hockey team in Nova Scotia. The Moose News "Insider Report" will keep you up-to-date.

Jackson Hole Moose
Minor league hockey right in the moose country of Jackson Hole. You can find the roster, schedule and stats here.

Mariner Moose
Since 1990, Mariner Moose has been the mascot of the Seattle Mariners baseball team. In addition, he makes public appearances at "any other special event where a lovable, domesticated Moose would fit in!"