This is the legacy of one of the greatest moose sites on the world, originally created by Professor Randall Schultz as a demonstration for his e-commerce students of how to create a professional-looking site that could be ranked #1 by the existing search engines.

When deciding to close down the site in 2019, Professor Schultz gratefully allowed us to preserve the valuable sources by moving the content from to To the best of our ability we have gained approval from the original copyright owners to reproduce their work here.

The contents have been carefully adapted and will not be significantly altered in the future.

We thank Professor Schultz for the enormous work put into the original site and especially the generous offer to obtain the treasured information for all moose fans!


The Story of Moose

This site is about moose–learning about moose habitat, diet, ecology and behavior, seeing moose in the wild and seeing how the "metaphor" of moose can make lives better and happier.

The moose experts are here: Michael Runtz, Kristine Rines, Stefan Sattler, Mark Picard, Doug Lloyd, Harriet Peck Taylor and many more!

moose habitatFor 20 years the world's leading site about moose.

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